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RI Marriage And Family Therapy

In a cozy home located in Warwick, Rhode Island, lives a couple named Tom and Sarah. They have been married for five years, and have two young children together. Initially, their marriage was happy and fulfilling, but as time went on, they started to experience communication problems, misunderstandings, and conflicts.

Realizing their need for help, Sarah suggested  they try marriage counseling in an effort to work through their issues. Initially Tom was skeptical, but reluctantly agreed to give it a try. They searched for a qualified therapist, and after several weeks, found a home at Brightside Behavioral Health. 

The couple attended their first session at our Warwick, Rhode Island location. Their therapist listened attentively as they shared their concerns and frustrations. She asked  thoughtful questions, and encouraged them to be open and honest with each other. She helped them explore the underlying emotional issues that were contributing to their conflicts. Together, they worked through past hurts and resentment, and learned how to truly forgive each other and move forward.

Over the course of several sessions, the couple began to gain insight into their communication patterns, and learn new strategies for resolving conflicts. They practiced active listening, empathy, and positive communication techniques. These strategies helped them feel more connected and understood.

In turn, their relationship began to improve. 

They reported feeling more connected, more supported, and more in love than they had in years. They were able to communicate more effectively, and resolve conflicts with ease. This not only improved their relationship, but contributed to a healthy home life for their children.

To this day, Tom and Sarah credit their saved relationship with their therapy sessions. Their belief in the therapy process at Brightside Behavioral Health is so strong, they have referred numerous couples to our practice. It is their hope that through therapy, others may also   strengthen their bond and build a happier, healthier future together.

All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this writing are fictitious.