Healing Practices for Year End Review

Happy New Year from Brightside Behavioral Health! As we embrace the fresh start this new year brings, we encourage a thoughtful exploration of the past year. Engaging in activities that focus on mindfulness can facilitate healing and growth that will guide you in this new year. Because of this, we encourage you to take the time to find a quiet comfortable place where you can reflect on the past year without distractions. Start with a few minutes of mindful breathing to center yourself. Acknowledge any thoughts or emotions that arise without judgment. Allow yourself to sit with these feelings. If significant emotions arise that need further processing, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team of experts are here to help you process those feelings fully. Next, we encourage you to write down significant events, achievements, challenges, and lessons learned throughout the year. Explore how these experiences shaped you and altered your life. Focus on both the big changes, and the smaller moments that brought joy. Acknowledge any emotions that arise, whether joy, grief, gratitude, or regret. Allow yourself to feel these emotions fully, understanding they are all valid and a part of the human experience. Consider forgiveness, both for yourself and others. This act of letting go can be incredibly freeing. Based on your reflections, set intentions or goals for the upcoming year. Be realistic and compassionate in setting these intentions. Identify what worked well in the past year, and what might need improvement, without self-criticism. If you feel you need to process these experiences further, we are here to guide you on that journey. Visit our website or call us to make an appointment at our Warwick, Johnston, or Cranston offices.