Cindy Johnson

Hello, my name is Cindy J. Johnson, and I am a certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) specializing in psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and therapy. With 19 years of experience as an APRN, my career has been primarily focused on community mental health, including roles in inpatient and partial psychiatric hospital settings.

Previously, I dedicated three years to Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), working extensively with individuals severely affected by mental illness. Since relocating to Rhode Island, my practice has expanded into integrative care, collaborating closely with medical and dental professionals to address a wide range of behavioral health diagnoses.

My expertise includes a comprehensive understanding of behavioral health medications tailored to individual patient needs, and work with ages 10 and older. I emphasize the importance of combining medication management with individual therapy or other therapeutic modalities for optimal treatment outcomes.

I provide care to adults of all ages, specializing in depression, mood disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. For severe cases, I have successfully utilized long-acting injectables. I advocate for therapy involvement among adult patients to enhance their mental health outcomes.

Each patient undergoes a thorough initial evaluation followed by scheduled medication monitoring sessions. I am committed to educating patients about their diagnoses and medications to ensure they derive maximum benefit from treatment. Additionally, I collaborate closely with healthcare providers, facilitating referrals for specialized care and coordinating necessary testing, such as Neurologic Psychological testing or consultations with neurologists.

I promote evidence-based practices, integrating therapy and lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise to mitigate life stressors. My goal is to optimize each patient's mental health through personalized, comprehensive care and ongoing support.”