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Providing information and educating patients about their illness and options for treatment is an essential part of our practice at Brightside Behavioral Health.

It is well known that cooperation, effective communication, and a good relationship between the clinician, the client, and the client’s family improve the prognosis of mental illness.

If the client and family members are expected to become competent partners and to cooperate in long-term treatment, our clinicians share information about an illness and its treatment with them.

As providers of care, Brightside clinicians have the knowledge and experience that clients and their families do not.

The only way to bridge this natural knowledge gap is to share the information in a comprehensible and educational way, in what is known today as psychoeducation.

To provide psychoeducation, clinicians should be able to teach clients and their families or primary caretakers about early warning signs and management of recurrence.

We also believe that part of the skill set in psychoeducation is providing ample time for questions about the diagnosis and its treatment.

Further, it must be determined if, after psychoeducation, the client and family really understand what was discussed about the illness.

Asking clients and their families to recount what they heard provides a window into appreciating their accurate appraisal and understanding of the disorder.

Our clinicians are trained to encourage communication; listen, talk, and explain; are trustworthy, and communicate in a clear straightforward way.

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