Family Therapy

From our first breath to our last, the family has a profound impact on our lives. Family helps shape who we are, how we learn, and how we interact in our relationships.

The effects of our families are so vast, that we may not even realize all the ways we are subconsciously influenced by them.
However, it is not only a blood relation that defines family. As we grow older, our family often grows with us. We tend to become partners, parents, and sometimes step-parents.

Family is complicated and thus comes with its own set of difficulties.

At Brightside Behavioral Health, we know the mental health of each family member is
imperative in maintaining a happy, healthy unit, that is capable of fostering the growth of each of its members.

Our therapists are highly trained in vast family therapy techniques that are
molded to fit the needs of you and your family.

These methods may vary greatly, but all center around working together as a family in order to grow, heal, and overcome. Whether going through a complication, adjustment, life change, or struggling with behavioral or emotional issues, we are here to help.