Mental Health Counselors in Johnston RI

We are very excited to announce they we will are opening a location in Johnston Rhode Island! Our new location is 1524 Atwood Ave Suite 115Johnston, RI 02919. That is the Atwood Medical Building on Atwood Ave adjacent to the Johnston Firehouse. We are currently working on remodeling and will announce the opening soon!

What Most People Don’t Understand About Mental Health

When physically sick, most people usually won’t hesitate to pursue medical or professional attention; same with a broken bone or any virtually any suspected physical ailment. Employers also readily accept physical health issues as a legitimate reason to miss work, but not so much mental health issues. Why aren’t mental health issues taken as seriously or seen as legitimate? What’s up with the […]

10 Daily Rituals That Help Parents Bond with Young Children

Research suggests that positive parenting is associated with more positive school adjustment, healthy intellectual and social growth, and fewer behavior problems as children get older. It is also a protective factor that helps shield children from various risks such as family stress or socioeconomic disadvantage.

COVID-19 Stress: Five Simple Strategies for Better Self-Care

Coronavirus stress got you down? Self-care is key, and simple and straightforward is essential. Below are five simple strategies. Try one for a week or more. Then add another on top of it. Before you know it, you’ll have more momentum and energy—for yourself, and others, too.

Why some people wear masks but others don’t: A look at the psychology

Are you at odds with family, friends or colleagues over pandemic-related rules? Understanding why some people resist restrictions can help defuse your conflicts:

Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge. The mental health crisis triggered by COVID-19 is escalating rapidly. One example: When compared to a 2018 survey, U.S. adults are now eight times more likely to meet the criteria for serious mental distress. One-third of Americans report clinically significant symptoms of anxiety or clinical depression, according to a late May 2020 release of Census Bureau data.

How to Reassure Your Kids When You Go Back to Work After COVID-19

When you get the call or email that your employer wants you to return to work during the country’s gradual re-opening after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely you’ll experience conflicting emotions. The relief of knowing there’ll be a paycheck coming in again and some semblance of normalcy will resume could be offset by worries about […]

Do you struggle to take mental health days? Why not plan them.

In an ideal world, mental health days would be something you automatically work into your schedule to prevent you from getting to a place where you desperately need a break, David Klow, licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of Chicago’s Skylight Counseling Center, tells SELF. We’d notice signs of work fatigue early and, instead of […]

Bored, Bored, Bored, and Overeating. Why do you keep turning to food? Boredom can be a good thing or a bad thing, says Erin Westgate, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Florida, Gainesville. If boredom leads to daydreaming that sparks creative thinking, that could be a good thing. But if boredom causes you to indulge in dangerous behavior, like substance abuse or self-harm, the results are likely […]

COVID 19 Response

With all that is occurring at the current time, meeting your needs is our top priority. Therefore, we are offering teletherapy on a HIPAA-compliant platform. Everyone now has the option of accessing our services through live video chat (on the computer, tablet, or smartphone), speaking over the phone, or coming into the office. We would […]

Uncharted Territory: Doctor’s Appointments in the Time of COVID-19

Getting rare disease care or any type of medical care right now is challenging. This article can help you to navigate this temporary new normal of getting the health care you need.$deep_link=true

5 great reasons to try online therapy!

1.  It’s so convenient. 2.  Some people are more likely to actually attempt therapy if it’s online. 3.  It’s a busy person’s dream. 4. It’s typically the same rate as in-person therapy. 5. You can find someone who specializes in your needs even if they don’t live in the exact same location as you.…/…/teletherapy-covid19-coronavirus/